Jamshedpur Yatra

In the state of Jharkhand, Jamshedpur is the largest city. In the name of industrialist Jamshedji Tata, the city was named. It is also one of the industrialist cities of India, simply known as “THE STEEL CITY”. Another name is also known as Tatanagar.

Jamshedpur is an attraction point of tourism. The city is located at the confluence of Kharkai and Shuvarnarekha rivers. Having near a hill and forest range serves as a major tourist point for all the further destinations.

The best time to visit Jamshedpur is between October and March. October has pleasing weather which makes this place ideal and favorable for sightseeing.

So, exclusively for you, we have shortlisted some best tourist attractions in the city. Make sure that you do not miss any of them.

Amazing tourist sights in Jamshedpur:-

•    Jubilee Park, Jamshedpur–

Jubilee Park is also famous as the name “Mughal Gardens of Jamshedpur”. It is a famous tourist attraction in Jamshedpur.

This beauteous park was established on the 50th anniversary as a gift from Tata Steel Company to Tatanagar. It covers 225 acres of land and houses a mini zoo, recreation center, lake, etc.

This park is a perfect destination for enjoying a walk with family, jogging, celebrating special moments and spending leisure time, etc.

•     Tata Steel Zoological Park, Jamshedpur –

In the neck of the woods of Jubilee Park, Tata Steel Zoological Park is placed. The Safari park is as familiar as Tata Steel Zoological Park, in which sightseer can easily move all the time in a forested area where animals walk freely.

Tourists can also visit the Nature Education center in the zoo, which gives information about zoo animals. Tata Steel Zoological Park shows great beauty to sightseer who comes for resting in Jubilee Park. This park houses a distinguished fauna like the feline predators, amphibians, reptiles, etc. that fascinates the visitors, especially the children.

There is a specific section on the park that is the temporary residence of migratory birds like the stroke and crane. The bird lovers flock to this place frequently.

•     Hudco Lake, Jamshedpur –

Having a scenic atmosphere and ambiance, Hudco Lake is a must-see tourist attraction in Jamshedpur. It is one of the major sites of interest that draws numerous tourists daily. It has artificial waterfalls and having a nearby hillock makes it a locking place for spending peaceful and pleasure time. Having also a negotiable water body, swimming and boating are allowed at Hudco Lake.

•    Dimna Lake, Jamshedpur –

Dimna Lake is located in the foothills of the murky Dalma Mountain Ranges, Dimna Lake is a famous name in the list of Jamshedpur Tourism place.

This natural lake was built by the Tata Company as a water reservoir to serve the needs of the industry as well as the city. Nowadays, it is full of attraction and picnic spots during January month for families, colleagues, schoolmates to visit here to enjoy holidays and swimming and boating.

•    Jayanti Sarovar, Jamshedpur –

Jayanti Sarovar is another famous attraction that you cannot miss in Jamshedpur. This lake is also famous as Jubilee lake.

It is spanning an entire area of 40 acres. This lake is the main source of water for Jubilee Park. The circumstances, surroundings of the lake are simply tantalizing, and spending a few hours here is an amazing experience in itself. All visitors are allowed to enjoy boating at this lake.

•   Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, Jamshedpur –

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at an altitude of 3000 feet. It is the apt spot for locating the endemic as well as endangered mammalian species in Jamshedpur.

This sanctuary was established in the year 1975 and keeps the animals like the deer, leopard, giant squirrel, etc. We can also feel an amazing experience of a long journey in the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary. Make sure that you don’t feed any kind of animal in the sanctuary. Otherwise, it will be dangerous for you.

•   Dalma Hills, Jamshedpur –

The Dalma Hills shows the visitors, tourists a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains and its fresh, pure air is a healing material for the inner side soul. The hills are surrounded by greenery. And these hills are ideal for trekking and a spot of amazing adventure climbing.

Dalma hills are accessible by roads, so that’s why these hills are a little bit easy to climb. You have to carry your own food and water because there are no shops near the hill area.

•  Bhuvaneshwari Temple, Jamshedpur –

Bhuvaneshwari Temple is situated at a height of 500 meters on the top of a small hill. It is located near the Kharangajhar market, Telco. Its architecture is too beautifully done having a great area. Here is a big and old shiv linga for many years.

The sight view is really awesome because we can see a big panorama view from the temple. This temple is established by a Tamilian priest, Mr. Rangarajan. This place is part of the Tata Motors Colony. The hall of the temple has eight pillars and each portraying a different avatar of the goddess Laxmi. It has many small temples inside the main temple.

It has idols of Lord Ganesha, Lord Radhakrishna, Nava Grah i.e. Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Budha, Brihaspati, Shukra, Shani, Rahu, and Ketu. There is a prayer hall where everyone gathers to chant NARAYANIYAM which is very peaceful to ears and beneficial for the brain.

Don’t forget the shop sells authentic Banana and Tapioca chips also. The temple opens from morning 7:00 to evening 7:00.  Have a visit to Bhuvaneshwari temple at least once a time. You must see the sight.

    Parsee Fire Temple, Jamshedpur –

The Parsee fire Temple in Jamshedpur is located in the beautiful garden known as Jubilee Gardens with flowering trees, bushes, creeps, rose, and sea plants. It is here that the holy fire, which the Parsees worship.

The fire has an amazing history. Be careful that entry inside the temple is only for Parsis. And you are free to capture photos and selfies in the garden area but it is not allowed of Parsee temple. Come to watch the culture of Parsees.

•   Russi Modi Centre of Excellence, Jamshedpur –

The Russi Modi Centre is designed by Hafeez. The Russi Modi Centre of Excellence building is a unique piece of architecture.

It is located close to Steel city.  The building has a historic record of the growth of steel city. This is open to the public only on weekends.

•    Tribal Culture Centre, Jamshedpur –

This is one of the best places to watch the talent and skills of artists in Jamshedpur. This center hosts various types of programs like dance, drama, music concerts. Keep in touch to look out what is scheduled while you are in the Jamshedpur. Watch and enjoy the homegrown skills of the city.

There is also a vocational training that trains self-employment skills. The entry fee varies, depending on the kind of show that is going to be performed.

•   Rankini Mandir, Jamshedpur –

Rankini Mandir is a famous temple cum tourist attraction spot in Jamshedpur. It locates on the outside of Jamshedpur. This temple is known for Goddess Rankini. Here, people are visited on a huge scale. The local people and the tribal community have a strong faith with Rankini Mandir. This temple is famous for its ritual real story, i.e. once a man saw a little girl becoming a goddess suddenly to kill a devil. The man tried a lot to search for that girl but he could not find her. Here, the goddess is worshipped in the form of pindas.

Anyone can come and visit the temple at any time. This temple does not allow any sacrificial system. This temple is located at Old farm,  Kadma, Jamshedpur.

•  Domuhani, Jamshedpur –

If you are an introverted human or can say you are allergic to humans. Then, only for you, a place is uncovered which can be called as dream spot for an introvert traveler and that is DOMUHANI. It is a place where two river meets( Kharkai river meets Shubarnarekha river), one of favorable natural sight in the city. It is located in the River Meet Road, Sonari. The name of the river Shubarnarekha has an interesting history, Legend found that the river had gold mines in the soil of the river’s depth. Thus it is named “SHUBARNAREKHA”. You must have a look at this spot, the morning and evening view is truly magical feel to someone to charge up or rest in life. 

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