Religion and Culture of India

India’s Religion and Culture

India is the 7th biggest country in the world, having vivid religions and cultures. India is recognized as the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism.

  • 79.8% Hinduism
  • 14.2% of Islam
  • 2.3% of Christianity
  • 1.7% Sikhism
  • 0.7% of Buddhism
  • 0.4% Jainism
  • 0.7%Other religion

0.2% Religion not stated.

India is also a multifarious country, a fact that is visibly remarkable in its people, culture, and climate.

From the endless snow layers of the Himalayas to the civilized peninsula of the far south, from the desert of the west to the group of deltas of the east, from the parched heat and cold of the central plateau to the cool forest foothills, Indian lifestyles clearly bless the geography. The dish, dressing, and habits of an Indian differ in accordance with the sight of origin.

The Indian culture varies like its extensive geographical area. People communicate in different languages, dress differently, follow different religions, eat different dishes but are of alike gentle. So, whatever it is a cheerful moment or moment sorrow, people participate whole-heartedly, feeling the happiness or pain.

As we know that there is an evocative type of religion in our country. Each religion has its own continuation and virtue.

After searching, it was described from many sources that “ SaPrathamaSanskritiVishvavara” – means that the first and extreme culture in the world.

Some Engrossing & Interesting Indian Culture, rituals, and customs –

   SALUTATION – There are a lot of ways to greet someone in India. Each religion and community has its own way to salute or welcome the guest. Let’s have a look at the different way of salutation-

Among Hindu religion, peoples say “PRANAM”, “NAMASTE” and in return others say “Khusraho!”.

Among Muslim religion, peoples use to say “AssalamAlaikum!”, in response other say “Walaikumassalam!”.

In Tamil, its “Vanakkam!”.

  • In Gujrati – Jai Shree Krishna! , Kemchho!
  • In Maharastra – Namaskara!
  • In Punjabi – Sat Shri Akal!
  • In Jharkhand – Johar!

On east side – Nomoshkaar!

   RELIGIOUS TRADITION& OCCASION– Not only all religions have different festivals but in entire India there are a lot of festive seasons full of occasion and bit of grief to remember important facts and persons. Here are some states and their traditional festivals and occasions  –

  • In Ladakh – HemisMonestary
  • In Jammu Kashmir –  Eid-Ul-Fitr, Ramadan, Eid-ul-Azha
  • In Himachal Pradesh – Shivratri
  • In Haryana – Baisakhi
  • In Punjab – Lohri
  • In Uttarakhand – Ganga Dussehra
  • In Uttar Pradesh – Navaratri
  • In Rajasthan –  Gangaur
  • In Madhya Pradesh – Diwali
  • In Gujarat – Krishna Janmaastami, Diwali
  • In Bihar – Chhath Puja
  • In Jharkhand –Sarhul, Karma, Jiraiya
  • In Chhattisgarh – BastarDushera, PataJatra
  • In West Bengal – Durgapujo
  • In Orrisa – Raja Parba, RathYatra
  • In Sikkim – Saga Dawa
  • In Arunachal Pradesh –  Lossar
  • In Meghalaya – Nongkrem
  • In Mizoram – Chapcharkut
  • In Assam – BohagBihu
  • In Tripura – Karchi Puja
  • In Manipur – Yaoshang
  • In Nagaland – Hornbill
  • In Maharashtra – Ganesh Chaturthi
  • In Goa – Carnival
  • In Karnataka – Ugadi
  • In Telangana – Bonalu
  • In Andhra Pradesh –  Brahmotsavam
  • In Tamilnadu – Pongal
  • In Kerala – Onam
religion culture

   FAMILY FORMATION & MARRIAGE–  In our country, almost every person stays in a joint family. Each member who lives together stays together, eats together. So that they would know the value of relations, elders, youngers. And also it helps them to handle pressure and stress. But nowadays the new generation likes to live in a single-family. Perhaps, they won’t have the capability to manage the home mess-ups. I think that real happiness is being with family. But the most important one should have humanity first.

   EMBLEMS– Upvas or Vrat is a part of Hindu Culture. It is a way to express our sincerity or love to God and Goddess. As similar Muslims have Roza to represent their devotion regards to Allah. And they pray for the good of all human beings in Ramzan month. As a symbol Hindu worships animals like a cow as Mata, Swastik. Similarly, each religion has a symbol or emblem to worship. Mostly on the east side, they worship nature for having an efficient and beautiful atmosphere, crops, etc.

   MENU & FOOD–As India is colorful, the menu or cuisine or food is too much delicious all over the world. It has unlimited traditional dishes and recipes which can easily beat international food by the taste. Some important and famous dishes are –ChholeBhature, Bharwabhindi, Pindi Chana, Masala chai, Samosa, Kulche, Jalebi, Dhokla, Undhiyo, PooranPoli, GondkiBarfi, AlooParatha, Panjiri, Ghewar, Appam, Rabdi, Kadi, Hyderabadi Biryani, Dosa, Idli, Coconut Laddoo, Payasam, PaoBhaji, Rosogulla, etc.

   CLASSICAL COSTUME– Traditional dresses for women in India is always Saree, Salwar-Kurti, Lehanga-choli, burkha, etc. For men Kurta-pyjama, Dhoti, Pagdi, etc.

   NRITYA OF INDIA–India is a land of full talent in all the criteria. And dance or Nritya is one of its own creative talents for many years. And it is the pride of our country. Some famous name of dance forms are below-

  • Bharatnatyam
  • Kathakali
  • Kathak
  • Mohiniyattam
  • Kuchipudi
  • Oddisee
  • Manipuri
  • Satarial
  • Tribal folk dance

As a citizen of India, I feel proud to tell about it — India’s outstanding unity in the diversity of religions, languages, and cultures is antique and unmatched. It has beautiful greeny crops that fill our land with greenery. It also has many efficient rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Mahanadietc flowing through fertile soil, a variety of flowers, plants, and animals. The Himalayas decorates India like a King’s crown. India is also and technologically advanced countries in the world. The people in India are warm welcome, as we always remembered – “AtithiDevoBhava”. It has many historical places and was home to many famous people like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Bhagat Singh, and many more. I feel always proud that I have born here and I shall serve my country till I draw my very last breath.

But there is still some superstition in some tribal regions and cultures like Narbali, Pasubali, sacrifices of animals just for our some desires to fulfill. Animal scarifications in the name of God are known as Bali in our tribal cultures. The majority of Hindus forbid against the Bali but still, there are some people or communities who are very rituals to their culture do some drastic events on Kali Puja, Dussehra, or some household worships in tribal areas like northeast areas of Southern India. According to them they are doing Bali of animals not for themselves but to dedicate the Devi or dev to make them happy always. For this ritual, they kill goats, buffaloes, Hens, Cocks, Ducks, etc.

Conclusion –  According to me it is really a shameful act or I can say it is foolishness to do Bali for the name of rituals. As human beings, we are enough capable of fulfilling our dreams or goals. We just believe in ourselves or doing hard work to get them. We should believe in the power of the universe as energy, not in stones or murti. There are lots of community or religious people who always fight for God’s temple, mosque, church, etc. But we are becoming too fool that even we don’t understand that the entire universe is for them. And If God makes the World, Universe, Nature then who are we to keep them in just small buildings to worship them. We must find God in our souls not outside. And lastly, I want to say that “HUMANITY MUST BE FIRST. HUMANITY IS GOD”.

By:-Bably kumari

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