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Seraikella king place

Raja BikramPratap Singh Deo was born in 1958. At present, he is the Raja Sahab of Seraikella from 2nd July 1993. Seraikella is established in 1620 by Raja Jagannath Singh III as the name of Porahat. Seraikella was never won by Mughals or Marathas, so, it is very special. Seraikella has never compensated the Nazranaand the Sanals to the British rule. Before 8 countries, the dynasty has been running without any interruption for 58 generations.         

This dynasty gave an unforgettable sign in different fields like as administration, art, culture, dance, and especially the chhau mask dance. It is a mysterious fact that when Ma paudi has established,  from that time, the power and glory of Searaikella palace has been increasing rapidly.

Generation OfSeraikella’s King

Kunwarbudha Bikramsingh –

KunwarSaheb of seraikella was granted the area which is known as “SinghbhumPira”. Singhbhumpira has spanned about 130 square kilometers. It has two main rivers Sanjay and Kharkairivers. After some years it is famous as name “Seraikella”. In a very short time, he spread the border of his territory to Kandra, Dugnibarabhum, gamharia, and kharsawan. After marriage he has five children:-

•     TikayatNrusingh –    Seraikella

•     KunwarPadmalasingh –  Kharsawan

•     Kishansingh –    Asantalia

•     Bishnu Singh-Dugni

•     Birabar Singh – Bank Sah


After KunwarSahab, KunwarNrusingh becomes the king of the dynasty. After the marriage had only one child- TikayatSatrughan Singh.

Kunwar Satrughan singh

He ruled between 1728-1743 in the dynasty and had three children.

•     TikayatHadu Singh

•     Raja Abhiram Singh

•     KunwarAnand Singh.

TikayatHadu Singh and KunwarAnand Singh had died without marriage So, Raja Abhiram Singh become the next king of their territory.

Raja Abhiram Singh

He ruled between 1743-1818 in Seraikella. Raja Abhiram Singh manages the revolution of Bhuiyanin Mayurbhanj. As a gift, the king of Mayurbhanj gives the area of Mayurbhanj.

After marriage, he had five sons and one daughter.

•     Raja Bikram Singh II

•     KunwarDamodar Singh

•     FatehBahadur Singh

•     Kashinath Singh

•     Hatamber Singh

•     Rani Jamuna Devi

FatehBahadur Singh and Hatamber Singh died at a young age. Rani Jamuna Devi was married to the king of Mayurbhanj.

Raja Bikram Singh II

 He became the king of the Searikella dynasty and ruled between 1818-1823. He spread the boundaries of his territory to Kuching. After marriage, he had two children.

•     TikayatUpendra Singh

•     KunwarAjamber Singh

•     TikayatUpendra Singh died at a very young age.

KunwarAjamber Singh

He ruled between 1823 to 1837. And after marriage, he had five children.

•     Raja Bahadur&Chakradhar Singh Deo

•     KunwarChakradhar Singh Deo

•     Kumar JeetNarain Singh Deo

•     Kumar Raghuraj Singh Deo

•     Kumar Deejraj Singh Deo

KunwarAjamber Singh had great and peaceful relations with some important territory like Keonjhar, Tupudana, Purulia, Chakli, Latma, Sambalpur, etc.

Raja BahadurChakradhar Singh Deo

He had become the next king of Seraikella. He ruled between 1837-1883. After marriage, he had four sons.

•     Tikayat Singh Deo

•     Maharaja Udit Narayan Singh Deo

•     LalSaheb Singh Deo

•     LalSaheb Singh Deo II.

•     Tikayat Singh deo died a young age.

And MahrajaUdit Narayan Singh Deo became the next king.

Maharaja Udit Narayan Singh Deo

He had been ruled between 1883 to 1931. He had smart administrative skills. He had married from Kalahandi and had four sons.

•     TikayatNrupraj Singh Deo

•     PattayatBrijraj Singh Deo

•     LalSahedDhiraraj Singh Deo

•     LalSahebBrajraj Singh Deo

The son of TikayatNrupraj Singh Deo- Raja Aditya Pratap Singh Deo became the next king of Seraikella.

Raja Aditya PratapSingh Deo-

Raja Aditya PratapsinghDeo had ruled in Seraikellabetween 1931 to 1969. He was also an M.L.A. in Bihar, having administrative excellence. His son also ruled at Patna. He had 6 sons and 3 daughters.

•     Rani Mani Prabha Devi

•     TikayatNrupendra Narayan Singh Deo.

•     HH Maharaja Sir Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo.

•     PatayetRajkumarBhoopendra Narayan Singh Deo.

•     MajhiaLalSahebShuvendhra Narayan Singh Deo- Organised and Played the best Chau dance ever in Europe.

•     San majhaiaLalSahebBrajendra Narayan Singh Deo- InChau Dance, he was awarded by the government SangeetNatak Academy with “PADMASHREE”.

•     Rani RatnaPrabha Devi-M.L.A. of Orrisa

•     Rajkumar Hem Prabha Devi

Raja ShataBhanu Singh Deo-

He was the son of TikayatNrupendra Narayan Singh Deo. And he became the next king of Seraikella. He ruled from 1969 to 1993. He was M.L.A of Bihar. He had six sons.

•     Raja BikramPratap Singh Deo

•     RajkumarUdayaditya Singh Deo

•     RajkumarPratap Aditya Singh Deo

•     RajkumarNrupaditya Singh Deo-C.A.

After Raja ShataBhanu Singh Deo, Raja BikramPratapsinghDeo became the king of the dynasty. At present, he is Maharaja of the royal family.

Now the seraikella is district of Jharkhand and people call it seraikella-kharshwan district.

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